BL5A Motion Controller
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External wide voltage input,12-24V,and anti-reverse function.
Support various versions of MACH3 software and support the latest version.
Support windows XP,WIN7,WIN8,WIN10,support for 64-bit systems,support laptops,support for tablet computers.
All input signals are separated by light,and emergency stop,knife setting,limit,and zero return can be connected to ensure computer security.The input can be connected to a mechanical switch or a proximity switch (normally open with NPN).
All the way through the optocoupler isolated 0-10V analog voltage output,you can control the 0-10V analog voltage input inverter,control the spindle speed.
Provide PWM output (5V level),can be connected to the spindle speed controller controlled by PWM.
Provide 4 output ports (5V level),can be connected with the optocoupler relay module,control water cooling, spray and so on.
Maximum 100KHZ output per axis,can be connected to common anode or common cathode,input level is 5V,stepper or servo motor driver with optocoupler input (pulse + direction).
At the same time provide 5-axis interface cable socket (XH2.54),easy to connect.
90 x 60 mm x height 18.5mm
5-Axis 100KHz USB MACH3 Interface Card.